At DGWM we are incredibly busy with following what the Lord has instructed us to do in bringing relief, resources and Faith to so many areas around the world. If you would like to partner with us in these life changing opportunities know your partnership is greatly appreciated by us here at DGWM & many more around the world.

For 48 years in 42 total countries we have completed some of the most amazing projects in some of the most amazing times, by partnering with great people like you and accomplishing something together ALL in the name of Jesus!


Many crusades and churches built throughout the country and also, our very 1st mission’s location. Kenya is forever in my heart, now Christianity is exploding throughout the country in the word of God! We are so happy this was the beginning for DGWM but as the saying goes, the BEST is yet to come.

South Africa

God gave us favor with the government in a very trying time for the country.  We were given favor with many political leaders in South Africa.  This allowed DGWM to see and do things to this day that is hard to believe what all really took place.  From preaching to 25,000 men and women with death threats by groups who were opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, to working with the Zula nation introducing the Word of God to this iconic and historical tribe.  We preached in many churches all through South Africa and provided years of aid and relief to this wonderful country that will always have a place in mind and soul.


DGWM was yet moved again to a very tough part of the world in one of its toughest times, the historical Chernobyl Nuclear power plant explosion was where God lead us to focus our hearts and attention. It was a terrible event that left generations of Ukrainians affected by the horrific radiation poisoning. The after effects lead to many children with heart breaking deformities, and an explosion of cancer that killed many men women and children!  We were able to remodel an orphanage that was in need by bringing in food, clothes, and much needed medicine. We were able to partner with Willis-Knighton hospital in Shreveport, La and their team of great doctors and nurses got involved where to this day lifesaving work is being done to bring modern cancer research and medicine to the Ukraine.  We personally brought back two children affected by the disaster from the orphanage, that were adopted by partners of DGWM. I am so proud to say they have grown up healthy to become fine young men with a lifetime of potential ahead.


We were introduced to Russia by our partners in the Ukraine right after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  This was an experience of a lifetime meeting broken men from the KGB and leading them to Christ.  We became involved in the prisons of the Ukraine and Russia and we were able to partner with former NFL tight end Mike Barber who had a heart and gift for prison ministry. Through this partnership, we watched thousands of prisoners give their lives to Jesus Christ.  We brought God into the prisons by ministry and technology. We made the decision to put televisions and VCR's with a film about Jesus in over 52 prisons. Again our amazing partners came through in those years funding us to purchase and give away over 1,000,000 Bibles. This time and experience has been etched in my heart and soul so deeply it will never fade!

And the BEST is still yet to come……