• Here we work with the local communities, the sugar cane camps, and the local schools.
    We provide school supplies from paper to book bags for the needs of thousands of precious children with a desire to educate themselves.
  • Clothes are a big need here for the children and we all know how kids grow, even in the toughest parts of the world. Providing nice clothes for these young men and women is a source of pride I feel so blessed to understand.
  • Not everyone can experience the act of watching young men, women and children express such an obvious amount of pride and joy for something as little as a new t shirt.
  • DGWM has been given the incredible opportunity to work towards the goal of every student in the Dominican Republic having a Bible. The school system will then use the word of God as core reading material for teaching their kids the skill of reading. How I pray for this day in our own country…..